DaiCon - A Celebration of Japanese Modern Visual Culture


Society of Modern Visual Culture

EMiNA is the Society of Modern Visual Culture of Multimedia University (MMU). It was founded in 2001 and was first established in MMU's Melaka campus. In 2003, EMiNA expanded to MMU's Cyberjaya campus.

EMiNA is actually 'ANIME' spelled backwards, and is the acronym for the society's founding motto, "Exploring Magic IN Anime". As these two things imply, EMiNA is a society that aims to explore, appreciate, and expose the wonders of Japanese animation and its impact on modern visual culture. This scope also covers manga (Japanese comics), novels, music and video games.

As a university-endorsed organisation, the committee members are made up entirely of MMU students. The administration is staffed by students from all the different faculties here. There is no divide between gender, age, ethnicity or even faith. There is but one similarity that brings them all together - their passion and love for modern Japanese visual culture.

The society also enjoys a very active online community. Its website is updated regularly, and currently receives an average of over 10,000 unique visitors every month (as of February 2009). You can check out our website at http://www.eminacyber.com.

Through our partnerships and collaborations with numerous other clubs and organizations in the Malaysian ACG community such as Comic Fiesta and Macross Fans of Malaysia, EMiNA has grown to become one of the most influental and well-known student-based modern visual culture societies in Malaysia.

We constantly strive to come up with new and innovative ways to engage the interests of members, from having our very own cosplay photoshoots, to outdoor film festivals, fansub projects and gaming carnivals. We have many more projects in the pipeline, and we hope to get started on them soon.

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that DaiCon is the culmination of the dreams and aspirations of EMiNA, and we are doing all we can to make this event become a grand success.

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