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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any particular set of guidelines for visitors to follow?

Please kindly refer to our General Rules and Photography Policy

Must I pay any entrance fees?

No. DaiCon is free of charge. You only buy tickets if you're interested for the Chihara Minori LIVE @ DaiCon session.

What does the AWSM or ELITE tickets entitle me to?

An AWSM ticket entitles you to:

  1. A specially numbered seat for Chihara Minori Live @ DaiCon session
  2. A pass for Autograph Session with Chihara Minori

An ELITE ticket entitles you to:

  1. A specially numbered seats for Chihara Minori Live @ DaiCon session
  2. A chance for our lucky draw to be upgraded to AWSM tickets (15x only)

So what exactly is happening in the Chihara Minori LIVE @ DaiCon" session?

It is a two-day session. Yes. Two days. You can use the same ticket for the both days.

On Saturday, 11th July 2009, the session includes:

  1. Q & A panel with Chihara Minori (more details to be released soon)
  2. An autograph session with Chihara Minori

On Sunday, 12th July 2009, the session includes:

  1. Chihara Minori Special Performance

Autograph session! Great! So, what can be autographed?

Permitted items to be autographed are:

  1. Chihara Minori original CDs / DVDs.
  2. Chihara Minori posters (included in the CDs or DVDs).
  3. All ORIGINAL character CD albums that are voiced by Chihara Minori
  4. ORIGINAL Seiyuu Magazines from Japan (Voice Newtype, etc. etc.) with Chihara Minori on the FRONT COVER.
  5. ORIGINAL photobooks of Chihara Minori.
  6. DaiCon event booklet
  7. Plain whiteboards.

So is it a pre-signed thing?

No, it's a LIVE autograph session. This means you get to go up the stage and get your item signed in person.

I have her poster AND her CD. Can I get both signed?

No. Only one item is allowed per person.

Is there anyway I will get her autograph or watch her session without purchasing the ticket?


Can I take pictures/video of Chihara Minori during the autograph and/or concert session?

Please be advised that any photography or video recording is STRICTLY PROHIBITED during the autograph and concert sessions.

Only official media crew and staff photographers are allowed to do so. This is in accordance to standard photography policies in Japan. For more information, please kindly check our Photography Policy.

My question is not answered here.

Feel free to send your questions to info@daiconnews.com.

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