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Figurine Exhibition

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One of the most popular aspects of Japanese modern visual culture are the figurines, and Malaysia has a considerable number of dedicated figurine collectors. The exquisite detail, material and variety of Japanese figurines have garnered the respect and admiration of many figurine collectors worldwide.

Established back in April 2007, The Figure Mall's humble beginnings at the LowYat.Net forums soon gained much recognition amongst like-minded fans and expanded in to their own website, now one of the most complete online figurine information and purchase sites in Malaysia.

In conjunction with DaiCon, we are proud to announce that The Figure Mall (TFM), one of the biggest and most well-known gathering of figurine collectors in Malaysia, will be exhibiting their figurines at DaiCon! TFM members will be exhibting their individual collections, with many of them being limited edition figurines not sold anywhere!

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