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Media Centre

For all media inquiries, please contact the Director of Public Relations through the following details:

Tan Jia Ming
Public Relations Director
Daicon Committee
Email: jm_tan@daiconnews.com

Media Pass Registration

Media and press organizations are welcome to sign up for media passes for event coverage purposes. Simply fill up this form and send it back to jm_tan@daiconnews.com.

Download: Media Pass Form

Terms and Conditions

  1. Each media organization is only allowed a maximum of TWO (2) representatives to DaiCon.
  2. For each organization, the chief representative shall be responsible for registration and collection of the media passes during the event.
  3. If the DaiCon Committee deems any act by any representative of any media organization to be an infringement of the DaiCon Event Rules and Regulations, media passes of both representatives shall be revoked by the DaiCon Committee.
  4. The DaiCon Committee reserves the right to bar any representative(s) from entering the event if the representative(s) are infringing the rules and regulations of the event.
  5. Requests for interview or for any special arrangements regarding media coverage of DaiCon can be made to Mr. Tan Jia Ming via jm_tan@daiconnews.com.
  6. Each media organization is obliged to send a copy of all DaiCon coverage material in their respective publications to the DaiCon Committee.


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